Khaleesi Express*HDC, a queen was born at Coudrettes

Khaleesi Express*HDC, a queen was born at Coudrettes

2020 January 15th – 8pm : our first little queen of the year has just been born, daughter of United Love and Orient Express * HDC. She is absolutely lovely, any berry with a very pretty head, full of energy … she is just … perfect.

She is so pretty that we chose to name it … Khaleesi Express HDC, our little queen by Orient Express*HDC (notice to Game of Thrones fans).

Many thanks to Caroline for having trusted us by giving us Cinderella as a surrogate mother. The foaling went perfectly, Cinderella is in great shape and very maternal.

Congratulations to Milena, Emilie and Philippe for their first foaling as a team! And thanks to Khaleesi Express for waiting until I got there to point the nose. I must admit that I am particularly happy whenever Orient Express offers the stud a pretty filly.

It’s our story that continues to be written, it’s just beautiful.