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Back On Track

A young and innovative Swedish company

The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a "ceramic textile" which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

The production takes place in our own factories in China and each time a new batch of ceramic textile is manufactured an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected heat and it’s wavelength. In this way we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

The head office is based in Uppsala, Sweden. There are subsidiaries in Germany, England, Finland, Canada, France. Sales are made through retailers all over Sweden and in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iran, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. New dealers are added all the time, in Sweden and around the world.

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During a visit to China, Mr. Erland Beselin, a Swedish doctor had the idea to create functional ceramic textiles. He brought the products back to Sweden and founded Back on Track. The company today represents a development of innovative and cutting-edge products with, as a result, many unique products.

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CWD. Sport Obsession.

CWD is the high-end custom-made saddler dedicated to the sporty performance of riders. To meet this challenge, CWD innovates in all areas. Research and development, know-how, customer relations, partnerships with the greatest riders in the world. Teamwork and listening to the customers’ sports satisfaction for an unequaled performance.

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GPA Safety Legend


At its inception in 1987, UFO designed and manufactured specialized components for wind surfers. It then diversified and mastered the design and manufacture of high-tech components including the first carbon and epoxy rigid-inflatable boat (RIB). Besides its expertise acquired over time in advanced composites, the company controls its design and manufacturing tools, and it has also designed and manufactured many components for GPA.


The GPA brand was created in 1964, originally focusing on the automobile racing industry. The top Formula 1 drivers, including Jackie Stewart, Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Jacques Laffite, Gilles Villeneuve and many others, all wore GPA helmets.

The first real equestrian helmet was approved in 1998, and it was an unprecedented and enormous advancement in terms of safety and comfort. GPA became closely involved in this elite sport, sponsoring top riders and partnering with the most prestigious competitions and organizations in the world, as well as supporting young talent.
All of the 2008 Olympic medal winners, as well as three consecutive gold medals winners in2004, 2008, 2012,and many world and European champions have worn GPA helmets.

GPA then diversified into other riding disciplines: horse shows,racing, endurance, three day eventing, dressage, polo. specific models tailored for these disciplines used innovative designs and technology. These helmets include the “jock up”, the first jockey helmet, the “speed-air” which is light weight and ventilated, and the “first lady”,which is thee first helmet designed specifically for women. Future designs include a “town bike” helmet, a radical new design for the growing urban bicycle market.
Symbolizing its success, GPA helmets are often copied but not equaled


The new partnership is a merger of the market expertise and experience with perfect control of design and manufacturing.
Having it all under one roof in France is an important factor for future growth, and for quality control.

The factory, in southern France now develops, assembles and controls the quality of GPA helmets. The helmets are laminated by hand with an extraordinary know how. Each helmet takes two days to build.
R&D projects now being finalized and patented will show amazing improvements in terms of safety, and should be available by year’s end.

In summary, the GPA/UFO team is motivated by keeping and developing its skills, and in innovating and serving the Equestrian market.

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ROYAL LITIERES, is a brand created by the company SODEM in 2011 (Sté des Ets Marchais).

Based in Marchezais, in Eure et Loire, it’s known for the manufacture of alternative litters for horses. It develops innovative concepts to ensure the comfort and respiratory hygiene of horses.

A true reference in equine litter, the manufacture of Royal Copeaux Larges, is carried out in France, in our factory of Marchezais. Produced from a specific blend of 100% French wood, our Royal wide chips are cut into the raw log.

French wood chips for HDC French champions

Dried and thermo-stabilized with steam, our large chips are totally dust-free, providing a supple, healthy and comfortable litter.

The total absence of dust in our chips makes it possible to guarantee the good respiratory hygiene of sport horses.

Satisfied with its reference product, Royal Litières then developed other products that have come to complete its range: Royal Copeaux Fins (wood chips fine), la Royal Paille (the royal straw Defrosted and Dustered).

The technical assembly of these products is declined in Royal Mix.

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