CSI 5*

CSI Compiègne Classic

First race, first ranking for Reynald and Call Me Express HDC who took 7th place in the PRIX LES CRINS ETERNELS which had nearly 50 starters.


Bosty and Delph de Denat*HDC took 3rd place in the 1.55m Grand Prix at the CSI3* in Gassin, which had been brought forward to Saturday because of the weather. After a magnificent clear round in the first round, they did it again with a fantastic time in the jump-off.
Superb performance, well done!

Call Me Express performs well at CSI4* Saint Lô

The Reynald – Call me Express*HDC pair have struck again. After a superb clear round in the first event of the CSI4* in Saint Lô, they took 4th place in the event with over 70 starters.

DOUDOU wins again at the CSI4* Deauville Classic

What a magical couple, Reynald and Untouchable Gips*HDC have just won the Big Tour Prix Defender Challenge Authuit at the CSI4* in Deauville. A 1.50m class with over 80 starters.
This is their 7th victory of the season, and perhaps even their finest.

Doudou 3rd of the Grand Prix of the CSI4* Rock & Horses de Courlans

What a magnificent weekend for Reynald and Untouchable Gips*HDC aka “Doudou” who, after their victory on Friday, climbed onto the podium with a double SF in this hotly contested Grand Prix with 19 runners-up.
Well done to Reynald, Julie and all the HDC team who take care of Doudou at home every day.

New world podium for Ultrachic*HDC


A podium finish for Baptiste Terrier’s first World Championship appearance. Congratulations Baptiste, and a big bravo to Sébastien Langlois and of course to Ultrachic HDC, who has carried many of the French team’s acrobats in his career and enabled several of them to experience their first major championships. He deserves the respect and recognition of each and every one of them. Never Forget