Genesis Express

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Genesis Express

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Female by Orient Express*HDC (SFA / ISO 176) and Roxy Musik (SF) by Alligator Fontaine (SF / ISO 190)



Selle Français stallion, ORIENT EXPRESS * HDC has an exceptional pedigree.

Son of QUICK STAR who, from his height of 1.59m, was able to impress by his sporting career first. Under the saddle of Nick Skelton first then Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, the little horse will accumulate more than 500,000 euros of earnings. Among his most beautiful victories let us recall that of Maastricht in 1992, or Mannheim in 1993. By his career as a stallion then, the son of GALOUBET A is indeed approved in more than 20 different studbooks and counts today many world-famous products. Let us quote BIG STAR, Olympic Champion by team in London in 2012 and individually in Rio in 2016 with Nick Skelton, SPREHE STELLA, European Champion by team at Hickstead in 1999 with Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, QUICK STUDY, ridden by Lauren Hough and 25th best global performer in 2011.

KAMTCHATKA, dam of ORIENT EXPRESS*HDC, is a LE TOT DE SEMILLY’s daughter (ISO 177) sire of lot of winners in CSI5* like DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, World champion and ITOT DU CHATEAU (ISO 197 incredible champion in CSIO with Edwina Tops Alexander.

His 2nd dam, LORIPIERRE (ISO 175) was an incredible international winner with Gilles Bertran de Balanda.  France champion and dam of DOLLAR DELA PIERRE private stallion and big winner in CSIO with Reynald Angot, World Champion by team in 2002.

ORIENT EXPRESS*HDC has had an impeccable sporting career with almost a million euros in earnings. He was 6 years old French, PRO 1 French Champion of France and incredible winner with Patrice Delaveau in CSI-W and CSIO, winner of the final Nations Cup of Barcelona and of many Grand Prix in CSI5 * but especially Vice-Champion of the World by team and individually in 2014.

He is now renowned as a stallion, sire among others, of ALDO DU PLESSIS (ISO 150 stallion), BE EXPRESS*HDC (SF & Z approved stallion), CASH DU PLESSIS (French Vice-champion of 3 year old Selle Français males ), GLOBAL EXPRESS (2nd in the KWPN stallion championship), CALL ME EXPRESS*HDC (finalist at 5, 6 and 7 years old. 4th and best mare in the French championship for 7 years old at Fontainebleau), DIVINE EXPRESS*HDC (Vice-French Champion of the 6 years old in 2019), ITHAC EXPRESS (Top Price for foals Fences) …


ROXY MUSIK (, born in 2005): ISO 130, qualified for 4 (Excellent) and 5 yo final, ALLIGATOR FONTAINE’s daughter, SF stallion, French Champion in 1999, very good winner, with Eric Navet and sire among others of JALISCA SOLIER.

Dam of:


OLYMPE DU TERTRE (f.d.b., born in 1980) by GLAMORGAN. ISO 166 was a very good winner, in CSIO under the saddle of Patrice Delaveau (more 800 KF of earnings). Dam among others of:

  • JYHBA PLARDIERE (, URIEL, 1997) ISO 159, 3rd of the 7yo final in Fontainebleau, CSI2*
  • KAOLYMPE PLARDIERE (, DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, 1998) ISO 141, qualified for the 5 and 6 yo final with Patrice Delaveau, dam among others of:
    • SOMBRERO BRIMBELLES (m. ch, CALVARO, 2006) ISO 148, CSI5* with D. Kenny
    • AKAOMA BRIMBELLES Z (f.b. AMADEUS Z, 2008) ISO 133, CSI2* with T. Schumacher
    • UKULELE BRIMBELLES (f.b., BERLIN, 2008) ISO 144, CSIO3* with T. Schumacher
    • ELIOT BRIMBELLES Z (, E.T. CRYOZOOTECH Z Cl, 2010) par, ISO 143, CSI3* with T. Schumacher
    • AMAK DES BRIMBELLES Z (, AMADEUS Z, 2011) ISO 147, CSI3* with T. Schumacher
  • OCTOPUSSY (f.d.b.., FRASCATOR MAIL, 2002) ISO 115, dam of:
    • SANSSIRO (g.b., JAGUAR MAIL, 2006) ICC 139, CIC3* with L. Vincent
  • QORRIGANE (f.b., JAGUAR MAIL, 2004) ISO 117, dam of:
    • UNCLE SAM (g.d.b., QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT*QUINCY, 2008) ISO 146, CSI3* with Y. Gregoriades


DEL CORDOBA (f.b. born in 1969) by MANNETOT.

Dam among others of:

  • NEPTUNE DU TERTRE (g.b., DIABOLO, 1979) ISO 129
  • SULTANE DU TERTRE (f.b. HIPPOMENE ,1984) Dam among others of:
    • HERMES DU TERTRE (g.b., HAND IN GLOVE, 1995) ICC 147, CIC3* with D. Seguret
  • VULCAIN DU TERTRE (g.b., KESSEL II, 1987) ISO 150
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