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His sire ORIENT EXPRESS*HDC, individual and by team Vice world champion with Patrice Delaveau, is a Selle Français stallion by QUICK STAR (GALOULET A / ALME) and KAMTCHATKA (LE TOT DE SEMILLY / GRAND VENEUR). ORIENT EXPRESS*HDC have an incredible pedigree:


QUICK STAR, both classic and bold, was an exceptional stallion. From his 1.59m, QUICK STAR has impressed by his sport career first, with Nick Skelton and Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, the little horse has won more 500 000 euros of earnings. Among his most beautiful victories let’s remember that of Maastricht in 1992, or Mannheim in 1993. By his sire career after.  The GALOUBET A’s son is indeed approved in more than 20 different stud-books and counts today world-famous products. These include BIG STAR, Olympic champion by team in Londres in 2012 and Olympinc Champion in Rio in 2016 with Nick Skelton, SPREHE STELLA, European champion by team in Hickstead in 1999 with Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, QUICK STUDY, ride by Lauren Hough and 25th best world performer in 2011.


KAMTCHATKA, dam of Orient Express*HDC, is a LE TOT DE SEMILLY’s daughter (ISO 177) sire of lot of winners in CSI5* like DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, World champion and ITOT DU CHATEAU (ISO 197incredible champion in CSIO with Edwina Alexander.


His 2nd dam, LORIPIERRE (ISO 175) was an incredible international winner with Gilles Bertran de Balanda.  France champion and dam of DOLLAR DELA PIERRE private stallion and big winner in CSIO with Reynald Angot, World Champion by team in 2002.


1st dam : QUISMY DES VAUX*HDC (f.b., born in 2004) : is a daughter of DOLLAR DELA PIERRE. After making her debut on the French classical circuit, Quismy went to Germany, under the saddle of Vanessa Borgmann, with whom she won the title of Champion of Germany Young Riders. Back in France with Kevin Staut, QUISMY DES VAUX*HDC is not long in showing her qualities: 2nd in a 1.55m class in the CHI 5* of ‘S-Hertogenbosch, 8th in the GP of the CSI 5* of Hamburg, 9th in the GP of the CSIO5* of Rome, 6th in a 1.60m class at the CHIO5* of Calgary, 4th in the Derby of the CSIO 5* of La Baule, QUISMY DES VAUX * HDC won numerous events in CSI 5 * before his sports career came to a sudden stop at the CSI5* of St. Gallen in 2015. ISO 167. Dam of :


2nd dam : CANAILLE DES VAUX (f.ch., born in 1990) Daughter of SUPER DE BOURRIERE, Selle Français stallion, ISO 165, sire maong others of DERBY DE LA MOUCHE, DEESSE DES VAUX… 6 yo finalist, very good winner in CSO, ISO 140 and dam among others of :

  • MIRZA DES VAUX (f.ch., APACHE D’ADRIERS, 2000) 4 yo finalist, good winner ISO 127
  • ORAGE DES VAUX (m.ch., FLIPPER D’ELLE, 2002) Very good winner in CSI, ISO 161
  • PRINCE DES VAUX (m.al., FLIPPER D’ELLE, 2003) Very good winner in CSI, ISO 171


3rd dam : HUNEBELLE A (f.ch., born in 1973) URIEL daughter, really leading Selle Français sire, sire of very good winners like DEESSE II, DERBY, ICARE M, JANUS DE VER and stallions like ROSIRE ISO 177, PALADIN DES IFS ISO 183, ULIOR DES ISLES ISO 176.. Dam among others of :

  • NECTOR V (g.d.b. HOSPODAR, 1979) 6yo finalist, good winner in CSO ISO 132
  • OREE DE CARMESNIL (f.ch., FORT DE LA COUR, 1980) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 151
  • RAISSA DES VAUX (f.ch., GRAND VENEUR, 1983) 5 yo finalist, ISO 131, dam of :
    • DEESSE DES VAUX (f.ch., SUPER DE BOURRIERE, 1991) Very good winner, ISO 157, mère de :
      • ASCOTT DES VAUX (m.b., DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, 2010) Stallion, ISO 138
    • HISTOIRE DES VAUX (g.ch., HURLEVENT DE BREKA, 1995) 4 yo finalist, ISO 116, dam of :
      • OKE AU HEUP (m.b., DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, 2002) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 149
    • MISTER DES VAUX (m.b., ROYAL FEU, 2000) Very good winner in CSI, ISO 171
  • THYM DES VAUX (h. ch., BENROY, 1985) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 150
  • UNIQUE DES VAUX (f.ch., BENROY, 1986) Winner in CSO, ISO 111, dam of :
    • MESSIRE DES VAUX (g.ch., APACHE D’ADRIERS, 2000) 6 yo finalist, ISO 144
  • ALTESSE DESVAUX (f.ch., MUGUET DU MANOIR, 1988) 6yo finalist ISO 152
    • QURIKET DES VAUX (g.ch., HYM D’ISIGNY, 2004) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 140
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