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IMERAUDE is a sister to Fleur des Lys (one of the best 5-year-olds in France) and Demoiselle Platine, 3rd in the French CCE Championship and 4th in the 2019 6-year-old World Championship. Her dam Platine du Rouet is a daughter of Robin II Z, multiple winner in international events, and a granddaughter of El Ira du Rouet (Galoubet A), herself a full sister to Baloubet du Rouet. IMERAUDE is a daughter of the beautiful young stallion performer Uraeus Blanc*HDC, winner of 6 CSI tests in 2019 including 3 at the Grimaud CSI4*.

Fantastic mare in the blood with a respectful jumping technique and a top mind, carrying the genetics of some great champions


URAEUS BLANC*HDCSelle Français Original stallion, son of NABAB DE REVE and ETOILE DU CHATEAU. International performer under the saddles of Kevin Staut and Patrice Delaveau, he participated in the stallions World championship in Lanaken at 7 years old. Very regularly ranked in the many competitions he has contested since, URAEUS BLANC *HDC is a generous and extremely fast stallion. He won no less than 6 CSI victories in the 2019 season.

A particularly handsome horse, he passes on his chic to his offpsring.


PLATINE DU ROUET (f.b. born in 2003) by ROBIN II Z, a big mare with a very good mind and a lot of strength. 4, 5 and 6YO finalist and good winner in CSI (ISO 137), from BALOUBET DU ROUET’s direct dam line, PLATINE DU ROUET has turned out to be a great broodmare. Her first foal DEMOISELLE PLATINE is now under the saddle of Nicolas Touzaint.

Dam of:


KASTILLE DU ROUET (, born in 1998): Daughter of NARCOS II, Selle Français stallion, winner in CSIO, ISO 166.

Dam among others of:

  • OLETTO DU ROUET (g.b., Allegreto, 2002) ISO 140, Very good winner, in CSO
  • ARENZO DU ROUET (, Corofino, 2010) ISO 150, 5 and 6YO finalist
  • EL LA DU ROUET (f.b., NUMERO UNO, 2014) ISO 128, 5YO finalist, good winner


EL IRA DU ROUET (f. ch., born in 1992): Good winner in CSO, full sister to the great performer and stallion BALOUBET DU ROUET, daughter of the leading sire GALOUBET A.
Dam among others of:

  • IRCOS DU ROUET (m.b., Narcos II, 1996) ISO 150, very good winner, in CSI
  • KASTILLE DU ROUET (, NARCOS II, 1998) Dam of :
    • OLETTO DU ROUET (g.b., ALLEGRETO, 2002) Very good winner, ISO 140
    • PLATINE DU ROUET (f.b., ROBIN II Z, 2003) 4, 5 and 6 yo finalist and good winner, in CSI (ISO 137), dam among others of :
    • ARENZO DU ROUET (, COROFINO, 2010) 5yo finalist, good winner, ISO 135
    • EL LA DU ROUET (f.b., NUMERO UNO, 2014) ISO 128, 5 yo finalist, good winner
      AS DU ROUET (, COROFINO, 2010) ISO 138, 6YO finalist
  • NEWS DU ROUET (, Rebel Z, 1998) dam among others of:
    • SACREE DU ROUET (f.b., Eclair des Bois, 2006) ISO 150, very good winner in CSO
  • QUELLE DU ROUET (, DOLLAR DU MURIER, 2004) dam among others of:
    • VIENT TU DU ROUET (, PEZETAS DU ROUET, 2009) ISO 144, good winner in CSI with P.A. Leportois
  • QUIVA DU ROUET (f.b., ALLEGRETTO, 2004) dam among others of:
    • VELAIR DE LA NUTRIA (f.b., AIR JORDAN, 2009) ISO 138, good winner in CSI with A. Sanchez Cozar
  • QUOLOMBIA DU ROUET (, ALLEGRETTO, 2004) dam among others of:
    • ACHILLE DU ROUET (, UNTOUCHABLE M, 2010) ISO 132, good winner in CSO with E. Lagarrigue
  • RATINA DU ROUET (f.b., QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT, 2005) dam among others of:
    • AACHEN DU ROUET (m.b., UNTOUCHABLE M, 2010) ISO 131, good winner in CSI with A. De Ponnat
    • DOMINO DU ROUET (m.b., NUMERO UNO, 2013) ISO 130, good winner in CSO
  • SOUCHE DU ROUET (f.b., QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT, 2006) ISO 139, 6YO finalist, dam among others of:
    • BEAUTÉ DU ROUET (, MESSIRE ARDENT, 2011) ISO 133, 6YO finalist
    • DJUMBE DU ROUET*HDC (m.b., LUX Z, 2013) SF & Z approved stallion, 5YO finalist, ISO 126
    • DOLLAR DU ROUET (m.b., CHACCCO BLUE, 2013) Stallion, 6YO finalist, ISO 143
  • UNESCO DU ROUET (, ALLEGRETO, 2008) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 170
  • USADOR DU ROUET ( CRUSADOR, 2008) Stallion, very good winner in CSO, ISO 167
  • VEGAS SU ROUET (m.b., PEZETAS DU ROUET, 2009) ISO 132, good winner in CSO
  • VIKING DU ROUET (g.n., L’ARC DU TRIOMPHE, 2009) ISO 136, 5YO finalist
  • AS DU ROUET (, COROFINO, 2010) ISO 138, 6YO finalist


MESANGE DU ROUET (f. ch., born in 1978): daughter of STARTER, winner in CSO.

Dam among others of:

  • UNADORE DU ROUET (, J’T’Adore, 1986) ISO 171, Very good winner in CSO
  • BALOUBET DU ROUET(, Galoubet A, 1989) Great stallion, incredible winner in CSI, triple winner of the World Cup final with R. Pessoa
  • JEN DIF DU ROUET (, CALIN D’ESPOIR, 1997) 6YO finalist, good winner, ISO 125
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