Hel Nino

Hel Nino


4YO colt, full brother of Nino des Buissonnets

Male by Kannan and Hermine du Prelet by Narcos II.

Made in sire, modern look with a lot of strength and a good gallop.


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KANNAN (ISO 178), is one of the best sire in the Stallions Ranking WBFSH since 2010 with very lot of internetional performers in CSI like : NINO DES BUISSONNETS, Olympic champion, 2nd  of the World Cup final and 3rd World performer with Steve Guerdat in 2012, ISO 186, ALBFUEHREN’S PAILLE (PAILLE DE LA ROQUE) winner of the World cup in 2015 with Steve Guerdat or QABRI DE L’ISLE, World Equestrian Games of  Tryon, 3rd of the mythic GP CSIO5* of Aachen, winner of the Nation Cup of the CSIO5* of La Baule and 6th of the GP with Pedro Veniss.


1st dam : HERMINE DU PRELET (f.b., born in 1995) : Daughter of NARCOS II, private stallion great performer and CSIO winner, ISO 166, sire and sire of dam of numerus incredible stallions and international winners.

Dam of:

  • LUCO DES BUISSONNETS (h.ch., GALOUBET A, 1999) 5 yo finalist, ISO 132
  • MARIE DES BUISSONNETS (f.bl., GALOUBET A, 2000) 5 yo finalist, ISO 135
  • NINO DES BUISSONNETS (g.b., KANNAN, 2001) Incredible international winner with S. Guerdat, Olympic Champion in London in 2012, 2nd of 2012 and 2013 World Cup finals, ISO 186
  • OMBRE DES BUISSONNETS (f.b., DARCO, 2002) Winner in CSO, ISO 113, dam of :
    • SHEITAN DU PARADIS (g.ch. VIGO D’ARSOUILLES, 2006) Good winner, ISO 132
  • QLITO DES BUISSONNETS (g.b., ADELFOS, 2004) 5 yo finalist, ISO 129
  • TOURMENT DE VAL (g.b., CROWN Z, 2007) Good winner in CSO, ISO 120


2nd dam : BELLE DU PRELET (f. b., born in 1989) : ALME’s daughter, true international leading sire, sire of JALISCO B, GALOUBET A, I LOVE YOU, JOYAU D’OR and grandsire of RATINA Z and lot of international winners…
Dam of :

  • FARABI DU PRELET (g.b., QUAT’SOUS, 1993) 5 yo finalist, good winner, ISO 136


3rd dam : TORNADE DU PRELET (f. b., born in 1969) : Daughter of URIEL, true leading sire of the Selle Français stud-book, sire of the great champions DEESSE II, DERBY, ICARE M, JANUS DE VER and performer stallions like ROSIRE, PALADIN DES IFS, RIVAGE DU PONCEL…

Dam of :

  • FUEGO DU PRELET (m.b., JALISCO B, 1993) Stallion, very good winner in CSI-W, exported to Argentina
  • HIRAM DU PRELET (g.b., QUITO DE BAUSSY, 1995) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 153
  • JOKER DU PRELET (g.b., LE TOT DE SEMILLY, 1997) 4 yo finalist, good winner, ISO 136
  • KREUTZER DE CARLES (g.b., ROBIN II Z, 1998) Good winner in CSO, ISO 128
  • RAMDAM DE CARLES (m.b., QUIDAM DE REVEL, 2005) 4 yo finalist, good winner in CSO, ISO 124


4th dam : DANS LE VENT (f. b., born in 1969) : Daughter of STARTER, national stallion, son of famous thoroughbred RANTZAU. It’s one of the best sire of dam in the stud-book but sire of the champions like BEAU FIXE, CONDOR, COROLYS, GRAIN D’OR, FARAH, KALINE DE LA COUR, PYRAMUS, PASTIS DU MESNIL, SOLEIL DU FIEF… 4 yo finalist, good winner, ISO 133.
Dam of :

  • DUCHESSE DU PRELET (f.b., JALISCO B, 1991) dam of :
    • KOALA DU PRELET (m.b., AHORN, 1998) Very good winner in CSO, ISO 159
  • VENEUR DU PRELET (m.b., GRAND VENEUR, 1987) Stallion, 6yo finalist, good winner, ISO 132
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